Week 2: Day 1 – Interviewing for Audio Slideshows

Take a few minutes to choose a person you might want to focus on for your Audio Slideshow project. Then, take five or so minutes to make a list of as many questions as you can to ask your subject. At this stage, there is no such thing as a stupid question, so write all of your question ideas down. Once the time is up, add the following information to the top of your list:

  • Your subject’s name, i.e. Michael Bay
  • Some context, i.e. Director
  • The type of story this might lend itself to, i.e. transformation, discovery, etc.

Now, pass your list of questions to your right. With your classmate’s list in front of you, take three minutes to write down as many questions as you can for that person’s subject. Repeat this process until you’ve added questions from five individuals in class.

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