Week 3: Day 1 – Video Story Prep


Take a few minutes to select a topic for your Video Story project. Once you’ve selected your story idea, add the following information at the top of your page:

  • Story topic (i.e. name of business)
  • 3+ people you plan to interview (i.e. owner, employee, customer)

Then, take five or so minutes to list as many shots as you can to tell this story. Consider including the following shot types:

  • Wide Shot – A shot that captures the entire scene. Good for establishing a story or location.
  • Medium Shot – A shot that includes the subject from the waist/above the knees, and up. Good for showing dialogue.
  • Tight Shot – A shot that focuses on an individual or object. Great for bringing detail or emotion to the story.
  • Extreme Close-Up – A shot that shows part of an individual or an object. Also great for bringing detail or emotion to the story.
  • Point-of-View Shot – A shot framed from the perspective of the subject.
  • Cutaway – A wide, medium, or tight shot related to the action, but not part of the action, i.e. a reaction shot from the audience.

Now pass your shot list to your right. With your classmate’s list in front of you, take three minutes to write down as many shots as you can for that person’s story.  Repeat this process until you’ve added shots from 3+ other students.


Next, once you’ve established that this story is visual enough to tell with video, focus for five or so minutes on interview questions. Consider the following when writing your questions:

  • Open-ended – Open-ended questions, which most often begin with “How…” or “Describe…”, are the most desirable. For example, “How did you feel when you hit the lottery?” is an open-ended question, which will likely result in a colorful response.
  • Close-ended questions – Close-ended questions will result in yes/no answers. For example, “Were you excited when you hit the lottery?” is a close-ended question, which will likely result in a “yes” response.

When you’re done, pass your questions to your right until you have questions from 3+ other students.

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