Week 4: Day 1 – Capturing Data


Sometimes you’ll find a PDF with tables you need to convert to a CSV or XLS file. Tabula is a free application that allows you to capture tables from a PDF file.

Click here to download a sample file and see how Tabula works.

Table Capture

Table Capture is a Chrome extension that assists you in capturing HTML tables and retaining their formatting. This will save you a ton of time if you frequently need data from a source that doesn’t provide a downloadable link to a CSV or XLS file. If you don’t have Chrome, here is a similar plugin for Firefox.

Click here for a sample web page to see how Table Capture works.

If This, Then That

If This, Then That is a free, web-based application that automates tasks connected to…basically everything. Users can create applets, which are just conditions (hence the name being a programming reference), to receive an email every time @POTUS tweets, or automatically download and store every single photo Kim Kardashian posts to Instagram in a Google Drive database.

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